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Fall Mushroom and Lichen Dye Retreat
Sep 26, 2023
By SJI Makers Guild
Orcas Island Wonder Camp
Meet me October 27-29 at Orcas Island Wonder Camp's Fall Mushroom and Lichen Dye Retreat! In addition to foraging for color and dyeing wool, we will also practice silk resist dyeing.

Unleash your creativity as you design your own elegant silk scarf using the vibrant colors of the fungal kingdom. No two masterpieces are alike!

Don't miss this opportunity to explore the beauty found in the colorful dye fungi of the Greater Salish Sea region. Secure your spot now!

Register for the retreat: orcaswondercamp.org
#silkdyeing #creativeretreat #natureinspiredart #mushroomdye #lichencolor
#sjmakersguild #mycopigments