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Sign Up Now. This will be Your Best Chance to Get Vaccinated
Apr 21, 2021
By San Juan County
More than 2,000 vaccine appointments are now open on Lopez, Orcas, and San Juan Islands. Sign up ASAP to ensure you get a spot.
Not sure if you want to get vaccinated? Here’s why you need to:

-COVID IS NO FUN. Sure, some individuals have mild cases or are even asymptomatic, but for many people of all ages the disease is miserable, and in some cases its effects last for months or more.

-PROTECT OUR KIDS. There won’t be vaccine for all children until early 2022. While rare, some children do experience very severe and potentially long-term or fatal health impacts from COVID. Keeping island kids safe matters. If kids are healthy, schools can get back to normal operations. Sports, sleep-overs, play dates, theater, tutoring, classes, and other activities essential for happy & healthy children can resume.

-THE VACCINES WORK. All available vaccines drastically reduce your chances of dying or ending up in the hospital from COVID. They also greatly reduce the likelihood of becoming infected and transmitting the disease to others.

-COMMUNITIES THAT VACCINATE RETURN TO NORMAL FASTER. If we all get vaccinated, we eliminate COVID locally. If we eliminate COVID in the islands, we get our lives back sooner. This matters to our schools, our businesses, our local services, our athletic activities for kids and adults, and it matters for our collective mental and physical health. Not getting vaccinated effects the whole community.

-GETTING VAXED LETS US DO STUFF. We can socialize or work with other vaccinated people unmasked. We can ride in cars together. In the weeks and months to come, some travel and other activities will be limited to those who are vaccinated. Getting vaccinated is a choice, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be limitations for those who do not.

-NO NEED TO QUARANTINE. If you’re a close contact of someone with COIVD, you need to quarantine for 14 days. Unless you’re vaccinated. If you’re vaxed, you can live your life, go to work, shop at the store, and avoid the two weeks at home you’d be restricted to otherwise.

-THE VACCINES ARE SAFE. The vaccine side effects that have been reported to date are extremely rare. Your chances of having severe impacts from COVID are far, far, far more likely.

-IT’S A RELIEF. Ask anyone you know who is vaccinated if they feel a weight has lifted after doing so. Anxiety and fear have dominated for the last year. Getting vaxed let’s us start moving toward openness, security, and relaxation. Goodness knows we all need it.
Do it for yourself. Your family. Your community. Find the reason that motivates you and do it.