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From Woodmen Hall to the Lopez Community
Feb 15, 2021
By Friends of Woodmen Hall
Thanks to you, the lights are on upstairs...
When Friends of Woodmen Hall formed 15 years ago we asked you, our community, what YOU wanted for the Hall. You provided us with an abundance of suggestions and ideas for which we are so incredibly grateful. Your energy, your enthusiasm, and your involvement in our events over the years have been critical to accomplishing so much here in this beautiful, over 120-year-old, building. We think it is accurate to say that together we have been good stewards of Woodmen Hall.

Because of your generous support, both financially and in terms of volunteering time and energy, we were able in 2020 to complete many long sought-after improvements to the Hall. And that is despite having to cancel our two primary fundraisers. A big thank you is in order!

However, we want, and we are obligated, to continue that stewardship. This treasure of this building calls to us to continue to maintain and improve it. And for that, we very much need your help.

We would so welcome and appreciate your financial support, as our reserve fund is small. If you want to donate to help keep this piece of Lopez history alive, please send a check to Friends of Woodmen Hall PO Box 424. You may also make donations through PayPal to the Friends at our email, friendsowh@gmail.com. If someone wants to shop at smile.Amazon.com they can designate Friends of Woodmen Hall as their charity of choice and we will receive a small amount from each purchase.

We would also greatly welcome some of your time and involvement, as we have more ideas for 2021 than people to help accomplish them! We are looking for new board and/or committee members and are hoping to find some of you from the younger community to help out.


Let us just share just one idea…

We are in the process of collecting stories, pictures, and memorabilia about the Hall. We will be creating a permanent exhibit upstairs that will preserve the Hall’s history. Our plan is to train docents who would take small groups up for a tour by donation. The donations would help fund the improvements and exhibits. In addition, we will have small, changing, historical displays downstairs. In this way we will help preserve the history of our marvelous building.

Additionally, we have explored partnering with the Lopez Historical Society to assist us in creating this historic exhibit at Woodmen Hall. We look forward to receiving professional advice and/or materials from the Museum’s archives!

You can help us with this project. We encourage you to contact us with stories, pictures, and memories of the Hall. Karen Alexander is collecting materials online at karenquilt@gmail.com. She asks you to put the following in the subject line of your emails: Woodmen Hall Memories and to add the year or approximate year, with as much information on the photographic subject(s) as possible. You can also post your memories, stories, and photos on Facebook at the Lopez Island Community Board and on the Lopez Island Community Info & Discussion Board.