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The Weekly Covid Update
May 20, 2022
By San Juan County
Since the update last Friday May 13th, there have been 89 new confirmed or probable cases in San Juan County. Current case count is now 1579.
The following represents active confirmed or probable cases reported across the islands.

LOPEZ ISLAND: There are 10 active cases.

ORCAS ISLAND: There are 18 active cases.

SAN JUAN ISLAND: There are 77 active cases.

Note that these numbers do not include suspect cases (e.g., positive over-the-counter tests). Even though suspect cases are not reportable by State guidelines, they do provide a more complete picture of infection rates in our County. There are almost as many suspect cases that we know about this week as confirmed or probable cases.

San Juan County currently has the highest case rate in the State, infection rates here are almost double those in neighboring Counties.

We are working on several outbreaks on San Juan Island currently. Early information from the investigations have revealed that known cases have spent time in local businesses and other volunteer organizations while infectious.

This is a time to be cautious when thinking about interacting with anyone outside your household. We urge you to continue using the best practices outlined below to limit your personal risk and prevent community spread:

- If you are sick, stay home and test yourself for COVID. Test kits come with two tests for a reason. If the first test is negative, please use the second test at least 24 hours later to accurately determine your status. You may use
the following resources if you are symptomatic, test positive, or are a close contact of a positive individual: 1)COVID-19 Symptom Decision Tree 2) What to Do If You Test Positive - both attached here.

- Those who are high-risk or who are interacting closely with others who are high-risk, should continue to bet houghtful and work to minimize exposure. Minimizing exposure includes wearing masks, limiting gatherings,and testing prior to gatherings.

- It is NEVER too late to vaccinate. COVID vaccines dramatically reduce the risk of hospitalization and death if infected. Booster shots significantly reduce risks even further. Additional appointments at County mass
vaccination sites were opened this week. For information on COVID vaccine appointments visit


- Individuals that are high-risk and test positive for COVID are encouraged to contact their medical home or Primary Care Provider (PCP) regarding treatment options. Preventative therapies are also available before you get infected.

- Know your Status. You can still order free COVID test kits through the Washington State Department of Health at the Yes to Test website here. Currently, you may place an order for two test kits once a month (this is subject to change).

Those who wish to keep up with case numbers may do so at the SJC COVID Data Dashboard. We will continue written updates as necessary to share critical information.