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Please Please Please Share Your Thoughts and Experiences
Dec 30, 2021
By Danah Feldman
We here on Lopez are at an important time of transition in our community with the Lopez Island Medical clinic, run by UW.
Dr. Bob is soon to move on after many years of providing his essential skills and expertise to our community.

We are now at a time of change.

This is particularly crucial, as we have one and a half years with the contract with UW. Our Hospital District and UW Lopez Medical Clinic want and need to hear about your thoughts, concerns, and experiences. They need to know what works, and do more of, and to know what does not work, and needs to change.

For anything to be its best, one needs to know what needs to change, and what should be continued. For changes to be made, you, who are part of this community need to speak up so the Hospital District can know.

I have lived here for several decades and know how awkward it can be to speak up and say things that are difficult to say, especially in a public setting, and also privately. The Hospital District is organizing Focus Groups because they REALLY DO want to hear from Lopezians. Our medical clinic impacts ALL OF US, regardless of how you use it, and to be the best it can be for our small isolated community, now is an important time.

Please take the time now to share your thoughts and experiences. The Hospital District is having Focus Groups you can attend (a woman, Jody Carona is doing the organizing), or you can write to each of the District's Commissioners via email or through the postal mail, please include the UW Clinic, as they need to know also. (addresses are below)

The Hospital District is seeking feedback, and you can be part of making this transition towards a clinic that best serves our needs on Lopez. Even if you feel you have not been listened to before, even if you think it is probably a waste of time, even if you think it might not make a difference.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS AND EXPERIENCES. This is the time. If you love it or if you don't, please share.

We can all be part of making a difference.

UW Lopez Island Medical Clinic 103 Washburn Place Lopez 98261

Lopez Island Hospital District PO Box 976 Lopez 98261

Commissioners and email addresses:

Anne Presson (Superintendent) apresson@lopezislandhd.org

Albert Berger aberger@lopezislandhd.org
Christa Campbell ccampbell@lopezislandhd.org
Iris Graville igraville@lopezislandhd.org
Jim Orcutt jorcutt@lopezislandhd.org
Steven Greenstein sgreenstein@lopezislandhd.org

Thank you for being willing to ....