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Lopez Island Italian Arum Eradication Project
Sep 26, 2020
By Dixie Budke
The Italian Arum identification and eradication project has concluded after a successful season.
As we mark the autumn equinox and our summer winds to an end, we reflect on the challenges and inspirations’ brought to us by a global pandemic. Lopezians pulled together, as is often the case when things get tough.

Volunteer groups mobilized to do everything from growing and delivering food to making masks for neighbors and visitors alike. Lopezians built coalitions to identify and address immediate and future needs and gaps in our island’s systems. We rallied behind our local business and farm communities and sincerely thanked them for their flexibility and creative responses to take care of all of us.

Some activities flew under the radar, but still moved forward without a hitch. The Lopez Island Youth Conservation Corps (LIYCC) continued to provide noxious and invasive plant removal. These plant species continue to plague our island and spread regardless of other public health, economic, or social issues. To them, it’s simple. Water, sun, soil, and grow. And grow they did. So the LIYCC and a cadre of volunteers focused on identifying and eradicating one of the hardiest invasive plants we have on Lopez Island - Italian Arum.

Volunteer citizen scientists - dubbed Aruminators - have been hard at work for over a year squaring off with this plant. No doubt, you have received the postal mailing and seen posters throughout our community.

The purpose of this communication is twofold:

• Thank and honor the LIYCC and the volunteer citizen scientists - Aruminators - for their dedication to the health of our islands ecological system,

• REMIND Lopezians that it is not too late to pick the red berries on the plants and dispose of them - separately - at the Dump. If you tell the staff at the Dump, you have Italian Arum or other noxious weeds, and you can dispose of it cost-free UNTIL OCTOBER 1st.

The Italian Arum identification and eradication project has concluded for this season but will return in January to search for new plant shoots. Join us!

For more information about how to join our Aruminator team - contact Dixie Budke at dixiebudke@gmail.com

Until then - stay safe, work together, be kind. Remember that we live on an island, and we are all in this together.

With Gratitude.

Jim and Birte Falconer
Dixie Budke