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Italian Arum Eradication Project - Spring challenges
Mar 30, 2021
By Dixie Budke
Spring has arrived on Lopez Island, and Italian Arum is delighted to be wiggling up from the ground ahead of native plants.
This is a good time for Aruminators (dedicated community volunteers who locate and eradicate Italian Arum) to start the annual campaign against this invasive menace.

We have learned a great deal about this plant over the last few years, including the following:

• Italian Arum (AI) spreads by dispersal of its many small "bulblets" and berries that the birds and other animals transport.

•AI does much of its growth in the Winter and early Spring before competitive plants emerge.

•The most effective ways to eliminate IA are as follows:

o Dig up the plants, including all
bulblets, and dispose at the Lopez Dump.
Tell receiving personnel what it is as
noxious weeds are quantified.

o Cover patches of AI with semi-permeable
or non-permeable plastic sheeting.

o Pick flowers/berries as soon as possible
and dispose at the Lopez Dump.

• The best time to locate AI is from December through March. Afterward, other plants make detection difficult.

So now for the Spring adventure!

We invite you to read the attached documents for "next steps" when Italian Arum is located.

On a positve note - we are often reminded that there are many things we can not fix and we can not change. Italian Arum...we can both fix and change it. So let's do it!

For Lopez Island Spring fun? Join us in this perfect socially distanced, environmentally responsive, and fixable challenge.

With Gratitude,

Jim and Birte Falconer, project sponsors

Jim Falconer, lead researcher

Dixie Budke, project coordinator