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Ranked-Voice Voting for San Juan County
May 19, 2022
By FairVote Washington
FairVote Washington joins San Juan County advocates to launch a campaign for ranked-choice voting.
San Juan County voters have an opportunity to win more voice, more choice, and more say this November, by voting "yes" on this year's ranked-choice voting charter amendment. FairVote Washington is excited to support our volunteers and advocates on the ground as they inform voters about how ranked-choice voting can improve local elections.

Join us for the Campaign Kickoff where State Representative Alex Ramel and State Senator Liz Lovelett will share why they believe ranked-choice voting is so important for San Juan County.

When: May 26th @ 7pm
Where: Zoom

The event is free and open to the public.

Ranked-choice voting is a simple-to-use, nonpartisan reform that gives voters more voice, more choice, and more say in elections. It is used by nearly 50 jurisdictions across the country and it creates more issue-based campaigns that better serve the voters.


FairVote Washington is a non-partisan, non-profit champion of electoral reforms that give voters greater choice, a stronger voice, and a more civil, representative democracy that works for all Americans. We are a Washington State 501(c)(4) organization.