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Housing Lopez Project
Apr 7, 2021
By Housing Lopez
Yesterday brother Don and I began the process of building out the little piece of land between Coho and the skate park for the new local non-profit, Housing Lopez.
Today they we are loading in the big excavator and the Buffum’s will start clearing (weather depending). There will still be a nice little piece of woods left behind the park and some mature trees on the SE corner of our lot (next to Fish Bay and Coho), but we will be changing the face of the village a little more for sure.

For those of you not aware, Housing Lopez has come up with a vision of creating six small two bedroom rental houses for our community. Though I am blessed to have land here on the rock, as an employer (and with a wife on the school board), I realize the significant challenges we face with housing, and this is one step toward easing that pressure. I urge you to familiarize yourself with all the good info on the Housing Lopez website at https://housinglopez.org/ .

As a means of keeping construction costs more predictable and to speed the development process, the project is using Method Homes in Bellingham to build these little high efficiency houses. Other than Method, all the folks involved are LOCAL and supporting the island economy. If all goes as planned, the houses will be ready to rent by the end of October, so it’s only scheduled to go on for seven months.

Don will be the site supervisor, and aside from the concrete foundations, he will be handling a lot of the excavation work along with Bill Kimm. Sage is the general contractor. Others involved are the Wardell's, Northsound, Hobi, Lopez Sand and Gravel and King Excavation.

Having grown up on Lopez and raising my kids here currently, this is the type of development I can get behind... I hope you can too. So when MR drops his big excavator off and the chainsaws fire up, please keep in mind the vision of a sweet little housing complex, and even sweeter relief for island residents looking for a home.

Feel free to contact Housing Lopez at housinglopez@gmail.com for more info.

Thanks for being my community,

Doug Poole
Sage Building Solutions