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Adopted 2022-2023 County budget now available for viewing
Feb 19, 2022
By San Juan County Auditor
San Juan County’s adopted 2022-2023 budget is now available online for viewing.
The Preliminary Budget Book has been updated to include the adopted budget, with budget tables and detail pages updated with data through the end of 2021. The budget is accessible to the public on the Auditor’s webpage, under “Budget and Quarterly Reports.” The Table of Contents for the Budget Book (on page 3 of the document) and the Table of Contents for the Budget Detail section (on page 189 of the document) are both linked to the pages within, for ease of use.

If you have questions about the budget, please contact County Auditor Milene Henley at mileneh@sanjuanco.com or (360) 370-7558.