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Sep 28, 2022Transportation Services: Fall Ferry Quota: Fun w/ #s (By Heike And Terry on Sep 25, 2022) - 2 comments
Sep 20, 2022Environment and Preservation: Honor the Farmers Market Trees - Give Back The Parking Grant (By Todd Twigg on Sep 18, 2022) - 1 comment
Sep 19, 2022Elections and Referendums: Letter of Recommendation for Sheriff Ron Krebs (By Debbie Mercer)
Sep 8, 2022Development, Planning and Permits: Accountability among Our Local Planners and Officials (By Dean Frey on Sep 5, 2022) - 2 comments
Sep 5, 2022Elections and Referendums: Charter amendments dead? (By Heike And Terry on Aug 3, 2022) - 6 comments
Jul 30, 2022Other: Lincoln Bormann and Cindy Wolf (By Vicki Leimback) - 1 comment
Jul 13, 2022Transportation Services: Open Letter to the SJC Council and Friday Mayor (By Mike Carlson)
Jul 8, 2022Other: Volunteer Clean up after the Fireworks (By Authentic Stone & Brickwork)
May 26, 2022Development, Planning and Permits: County Council decision allows a substantial increase in Vacation Rental permits on Lopez (By Chuenchom Greacen on May 19, 2022) - 14 comments
May 20, 2022Environment and Preservation: Terramation as a burial option (By Marty Clark on Apr 13, 2022) - 7 comments
Apr 11, 2022Other: Ferry Quotas (By Julia Rust) - 1 comment
Mar 27, 2022Transportation Services: The Ferry Service..... As Always..... (By Hazel Burns on Mar 23, 2022) - 9 comments
Mar 25, 2022Elections and Referendums: Annual Meeting? Will LCCA lose the trust of the Lopez Community? (By Todd Twigg on Mar 14, 2022) - 13 comments
Feb 27, 2022Health Services and Issues: "Health Freedom"/Defeat the Mandates Movement is Woefully Misguided (By Eleanor Burke on Jan 24, 2022) - 38 comments
Feb 20, 2022Health Services and Issues: The real monster is not covid-19 (By Jeffrey Huntington on Jan 29, 2022) - 12 comments
Feb 11, 2022Health Services and Issues: The best and safest “supplement” to support natural immunity is vaccination (By Madrona Murphy on Jan 30, 2022) - 4 comments