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May 15, 2024Electrical and Communication Services: OPALCO proposes to harness tidal power for San Juans (By Mike Sato on May 13, 2024) - 1 comment
Mar 21, 2024Other: Palestine Action & Advocacy Meeting Wednesday 2/28 5:30-7:30 (By Helane Wahbeh on Feb 26, 2024) - 1 comment
Mar 16, 2024Elections and Referendums: Meet and Greet with Jason Call April 14 (By Helane Wahbeh)
Mar 3, 2024Other: My Holocaust Remembrance Day wish (Russel Barsh) (By Madrona Murphy on Jan 27, 2024) - 6 comments
Mar 2, 2024Parks and Recreation: Lopez Skatepark Update! (By Kevin Sterling)
Feb 29, 2024Other: Art and Advoocacy for Palestine (By Helane Wahbeh)
Feb 10, 2024Transportation Services: Is passenger-ferry service for the islands possible? (By Mike Sato)
Development, Planning and Permits: San Juan County development department struggles to right its ship (By Mike Sato)
Jan 11, 2024Other: Keeping an eye on the San Juans in 2024 (By Mike Sato)
Nov 6, 2023Health Services and Issues: Concerned! (By Dave Heinlein on Oct 28, 2023) - 11 comments
Nov 4, 2023Health Services and Issues: A LCHC Response to Recent Hospital District Postings (By Lopez Community For Health Care)
Other: Lopez Children’s Center (By Susan Savage on Nov 3, 2023) - 2 comments
Elections and Referendums: Vote YES on Proposition #1 to Support Lopez Island Healthcare (By Robert Buchholz on Oct 31, 2023) - 2 comments
Tourism: Will residents be subject to Tourism Tax? - Comments are due Oct 31st (By Sally Reeve on Oct 28, 2023) - 8 comments
Oct 25, 2023Elections and Referendums: Stop with the Scare Tactics please (By John Waugh on Oct 22, 2023) - 7 comments
Oct 24, 2023Elections and Referendums: Support Medical Clinic (By Liz Scranton on Oct 18, 2023) - 4 comments
Oct 22, 2023Health Services and Issues: Assessor Raises Tax Roll on Lopez (By Larry Hendel on Oct 20, 2023) - 1 comment
Health Services and Issues: LIHD Levy Taxes Made Easy (By Larry Hendel on Oct 14, 2023) - 10 comments
Oct 15, 2023Elections and Referendums: Clarification of Hospital Levy Lid Lift Vote (By John Waugh on Oct 7, 2023) - 11 comments
Oct 9, 2023Health Services and Issues: How Growler jets are impacting our region (By Mike Sato)
Oct 6, 2023Transportation Services: Reduction in ferry sailings? (By Heike And Terry on Sep 30, 2023) - 2 comments