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Development, Planning and PermitsCounty Council decision allows a substantial increase in Vacation Rental permits on Lopez (By Chuenchom Greacen on May 19, 2022) - 14 comments
Olympia House Bill 1838 re "No Touch" Land Buffers (By Linda Noreen on Jan 17, 2022)
A "younger", professional's perspective on vacation rentals (By Nathan Donnelly on Aug 13, 2021) - 13 comments
Misleading Article on VR Caps in The Orcasonian (By Janet Alderton on Sep 4, 2021)
Have enough water? San Juan prepares to find out, with USGS study (By Mike Sato on Jul 28, 2021)
Economy and FinancesSurvey Results: How are Lopez Businesses Doing? (By Jan Scilipoti on Oct 21, 2021) - 3 comments
Elections and ReferendumsAnnual Meeting? Will LCCA lose the trust of the Lopez Community? (By Todd Twigg on Mar 14, 2022) - 13 comments
Vote No on Propositions 3, 5 and 6 (By Bill Appel on Oct 30, 2021)
Vote Yes for the San Juan County Charter Amendments! (By Jane Fuller on Oct 28, 2021)
Reject prop 2 - term limits (By Eden Rose on Oct 28, 2021)
Charter Amendments (By Clarissa Szabados-Mish on Oct 23, 2021)
Support for Charter Amendments (By Kai Sanburn on Oct 27, 2021) - 1 comment
Support for Charter Review Commissioner's Amendments (By Anne Whirledge-Karp on Oct 26, 2021)
Reject Charter Ammendments (By Mike Carlson on Oct 18, 2021) - 1 comment
Posted by permission from Gordy Peterson (By Mike Carlson on Oct 19, 2021)
Opposed to most of the Charter Amendments (By Madrona Murphy on Oct 17, 2021)
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