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Development, Planning and PermitsAccountability among Our Local Planners and Officials (By Dean Frey on Sep 5, 2022) - 2 comments
County Council decision allows a substantial increase in Vacation Rental permits on Lopez (By Chuenchom Greacen on May 19, 2022) - 14 comments
Olympia House Bill 1838 re "No Touch" Land Buffers (By Linda Noreen on Jan 17, 2022)
Elections and ReferendumsRcv & Sos - Why I Always Vote The Last Day (By Linda Noreen on Nov 2, 2022)
Vote No For A 132% Increase In The Road Levy (By Patricia Miller on Oct 28, 2022) - 2 comments
Ranked-Choice Voting: A Good Deal for SJC! (By Sharon Abreu on Sep 30, 2022)
Letter of Recommendation for Sheriff Ron Krebs (By Debbie Mercer on Sep 19, 2022)
Charter amendments dead? (By Heike And Terry on Aug 3, 2022) - 6 comments
Annual Meeting? Will LCCA lose the trust of the Lopez Community? (By Todd Twigg on Mar 14, 2022) - 13 comments
Environment and PreservationHonor the Farmers Market Trees - Give Back The Parking Grant (By Todd Twigg on Sep 18, 2022) - 1 comment
Terramation as a burial option (By Marty Clark on Apr 13, 2022) - 7 comments
Health Services and IssuesLopez Island pharmacy removed from Lifewise network (By Heather Mitchell on Nov 28, 2022)
"Health Freedom"/Defeat the Mandates Movement is Woefully Misguided (By Eleanor Burke on Jan 24, 2022) - 38 comments
The real monster is not covid-19 (By Jeffrey Huntington on Jan 29, 2022) - 12 comments
The best and safest “supplement” to support natural immunity is vaccination (By Madrona Murphy on Jan 30, 2022) - 4 comments
Mandates to help end Covid pandemic (By David Johnson on Jan 24, 2022) - 1 comment
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