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The Lopez Island Library Welcomes Its New Director
Feb 4, 2022
By Lopez Island Library
The Board of Trustees of the Lopez Island Library is thrilled to announce the appointment of Darren Hoerner as Director of the Lopez Island Library, a position from which he will lead our cherished and celebrated community institution to an even brighter future.
If you’ve been to the Farmer’s Market over the last two summers, you may already know Darren. After moving to Lopez in 2018, he and his husband started a micro-farm and have happily been selling produce since 2020.

Like many Lopezians, Darren has a diverse past and unique set of talents. He holds a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Washington and 25 years experience with public libraries. Starting in 1997, he worked with small, rural libraries in Louisiana and Mississippi to support library staff in introducing new library services that addressed local needs and interests. Most recently, as Senior Program Officer in the Global Libraries Program of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Darren worked with libraries around the world, with a special focus on Africa and Central and Eastern Europe. That work included supporting libraries to become increasingly community-driven and innovative in their services, while ensuring they reach more people in ways that help improve lives.

As a library-lover, Darren volunteered at the Library as soon as he moved to Lopez. He begins work in his capacity as Director on February 14 and is eager to meet people and hear how the library can better serve our community. “We moved to Lopez first and foremost because of the incredible community. We wanted to live in a place where people look out for each other, help each other, and work together to solve problems. I am honored to have the opportunity to do this in an official capacity at our island library.” Please stop by the library to say hi or stay tuned for an upcoming Village Square, a virtual meet and greet for those less comfortable meeting in-person.

With this appointment, Claudia Rempel, who has been serving in the capacity of Interim Director, will resume her role of Operations Manager, a key leadership position at the library. The Board would like to recognize Claudia for stepping up and taking on increased responsibilities over the last two years. Despite constraints during the COVID pandemic, Claudia has led the staff in increasing library services. Her leadership has been outstanding and successfully carried the library through very trying times.

The Board would like to thank the community for its ongoing support of the library and wish the new Director well.

Lopez Island Library Board of Trustees
Constance Euerle
Connie Holz
Michael Moore
Mindy Richardson
LeaAnne Rolla