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The Latest on Masking
Jun 27, 2021
By San Juan County
As of June 27th, the Juan County Health Officer Order requiring all customers (regardless of vaccination status) to wear masks inside businesses will end.
Now is a good time to take a look at what masking requirements will look like going forward. This is new territory for us all, so we hope this will help make the road ahead a little clearer.

As of Sunday June 27th, fully vaccinated (2 or more weeks after final shot) customers in San Juan County businesses will no longer be required to mask up. Note that individual businesses may choose to continue to enforce their own restrictions.

As of the 27th, there will be no remaining San Juan County Health Officer orders in effect. All ongoing requirements will be from the State of Washington or the Federal Government.

As per WA State Secretary of Health requirements, all unvaccinated individuals are required to mask up inside businesses and other public spaces(there are some exceptions for children under 5 and those with some health conditions). Full details are in the attached document. There are a few exceptions noted in the guidance -including while eating/drinking. Note that businesses are not required to actively investigate customer vaccine status.

Masks are not required outdoors, other than for unvaccinated individuals who are unable to maintain six feet of social distance.

There are distinct rules for businesses and their employees that are set by Washington State Labor & Industries. Full details are in the attached document. The main requirements are that unvaccinated employees are required to mask up and businesses are required to document vaccination status of their staff. Businesses should carefully review the WA L&I guidance for full details.

Note that we're at a time of transition. The situation will be evolving in the weeks and months to come.
WA State Face Coverings Order
Workplace Safety and Health Requirements