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San Juan County's Successful Effort to Stay Safe
Jan 19, 2021
By LopezRocks
There are clear signs that the efforts islanders are making to fight COVID are paying off.
At the moment, San Juan County has the lowest rate of total cases per 100,000 people of any County in the contiguous United States. The only counties with lower rates are the most remote areas of both Hawaii and Alaska.

San Juan County has the third lowest overall COVID rate per 100 thousand people of anywhere in the United States and is ahead by quite a bit.

In addition, San Juan County is the second largest County in America to have not recorded a single COVID fatality.

Says Brendan Cowan, Directory of San Juan County Emergency Services: "It's not a competition of course, but given how difficult this has been, it is great to get some concrete evidence that all we're doing matters."

He continues "There are lots of reasons for this success, and they're all important - but the biggest one by far is the way our community has pulled together to keep the islands safe. And the most vital thing as we move forward? To keep it up."

You can browse the overall case rate information on US News.

The fatality information is summarized by 24/7 Wall St.