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Urgent message from the Lopez Island Pharmacy
Feb 11, 2021
By Lopez Island Pharmacy
Have you been unable to get a vaccine appointment?
We are trying to get a handle on how many Lopezians, age 65+, were unable to get a CoVid appointment for any of the upcoming sites (LIP, SJ Pub Health, or National Guard). The pharmacy must order this weekend and I am not sure if there is still a need for the age 65+ phase. Please ask around and tell me what you hear. If we get an allocation and don't use it for seniors within 7 days (we aren't allowed to go out of the Phase dictated by the state) - then the state takes away the vaccine we have and also dings our future ordering priority. I need as accurate an idea as possible.

Basically - do we still have 100 folks age 65+ needing vaccine?

Please send an email message, do not call the Pharmacy: info@lopezislandpharmacy.com