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Urgent message concerning frozen pipes and water systems
Jan 1, 2022
By San Juan County
Higher temperatures will begin to thaw frozen pipes. As those pipes thaw, water may leak from broken pipes in high volumes that weren't possible when things were frozen solid.
These leaks can cause catastrophic property damage and can lead to rapid failure of water systems. Just a few uncontrolled leaks can quickly drain even large systems of their entire water supply.

To help prevent these impacts:

1. Carefully monitor your own property to ensure that any leaks are identified and controlled quickly. Regularly check everywhere a leak might be possible. A leak might not be apparent for a couple of days into the thaw.

2. Help out neighbors or others who might need a hand checking for leaks.

3. If you have property on island but are not at home, please have someone come and carefully inspect your property for potential leaks.

3. Keep an eye on any empty properties in your neighborhood. Look for obvious signs of leaking. If water meters are accessible, see if they are showing activity despite no one being home.

4. Those who are responsible for community water systems should frequently monitor supply levels to quickly identify any potential problems, may want to consider inspecting meters of any vacant homes, and should communicate with all residents on system, asking them to monitor for leaks.

5. Residents on communal water systems may want to check on their earthquake kits and make sure they have a few days of water on hand in case systems lose service.

Thanks all.