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Community Leaders Urge Islanders to Stay Home for the Holidays
Nov 13, 2020
By LopezRocks
As cases spike dramatically in San Juan County, Washington and the United States, community leaders urge islanders to scale back their holiday plans.
Over recent months, we’ve been able to enjoy a slow reopening of our islands. Restaurants, gatherings, shops, gyms, and most recently schools have all made slow progress towards returning to a limited version of normal.

Those gains are now at risk, and the prospect of upcoming holiday travel is looming as an even greater threat to the health and livelihood of our community.

We urge all islanders to stay local and keep your holiday gatherings small. Now is not the time to host family from across the state or beyond. Now is not the time to gather indoors with those from outside your household.

Now is not the time to leave the islands to visit others. And now is certainly not the time to get on an airplane. Now is the time to keep it simple and local, mask up, and protect our community and those most at risk.

Stay healthy, stay home. Regards,

Eric Webb, Superintendent, Orcas Island Schools

Fred Woods, Superintendent, San Juan Island Schools

Mark Tompkins, Director, San Juan County Health

Jennifer Swanson, Superintendent, Shaw Island School

Dr. Dale Heisinger, Chair, San Juan County Board of Health

Travis Ayers, President, Luxel Corporation

Sandy Bishop, Executive Director, Lopez Comm.Land Trust

Brian Auckland, Superintendent, Lopez Island Schools

Jamie Stephens, San Juan County Council

Adam Eltinge, Owner, Island Petroleum Services

Jack Estrada, Interim Chief Admin. Officer, Peace Island Med. Ctr.

Kai Sanburn, Lopez Island

Mike Thomas, Manager, San Juan County

Duncan Wilson, Administrator, Town of Friday Harbor

Victoria Compton, Executive Direct., SJC Economic Dev. Council

Christa Campbell, Lopez Island Recovery Network

Brent Snow, General Manager, Roche Harbor Resort

Laurie Orton, Director, San Juan Island Library

Dr. Frank James, Health Officer, San Juan County

Todd Nicholson, Director, Port of Friday Harbor

Deborah Hopkins, Executive Director, SJI Visitors’ Bureau

Rick Hughes, Chair, San Juan County Council

Brendan CowanSan, Juan County Emergency Management

Jacob Linnes, Manager, Orcas Island Market

Phil Heikkinen, Director, Orcas Island Library

Bill Watson, San Juan County Council

Iris Graville, President, Lopez Island Hospital District

Anne Presson, Superintendent, Orcas and Lopez Public Hosp. Districts
Community Leader Stay Home Letter