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Posted by Libby Valluzzi
Lopez Island
Apr 1, 2024
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Tomato Starts- Late April
Apr 1, 2024
Tomato starts for sale, weekend of April 20-21! These will be ready to plant in the ground and around 12" tall, strong and not leggy. All hand seeded and started from organic, open-pollinated varieties (which means you can grow them out, save seeds, and start your own plants for years to come!). Many varieties are from my own home-saved seed that I have been growing successfully here on Lopez (I marked these with a * )

Grown in organic seed starting mix, with homemade mineral and plant amendments added in for extra health. Grown in soil blocks, and ready to plant in the form of a "soil ball", without any plastic.

Varieties include (some amounts more limited in quantities:

Indigo Apple *
Afghan *
Gold Medal *
Sheboygan *
Gardener's Sweetheart *
Stupice *
Matina Slicer
Super Luscious
Black Cherry
Snow White

Happy to share tips on growing tomatoes, if you need any. $5 each or 5 plants for $20

For more info or to pre-order, please email hello@babayagafarm.com

Happy gardening!!!