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Lopez Island
Feb 11, 2024
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Idyllic Waterfront Property Near Blakely Island
Feb 11, 2024
Over 300’ of accessible waterfront on 2+ acres with taxi-boat access directly to the property from Anacortes. Unbelievable vistas coupled with off-grid privacy. Four structures with water/power/propane.

We are looking for an outdoorsy family who aspire to become long-term Stewards of the Land, as we have been for decades.

Owner-Financed at $5,000 per month (which includes taxes, insurance and utilities) for a fixed 15 year term, but increased annually via inflation adjustments.

Then, after our last death, additional prime acreage with over 600’ of waterfront and a unique residential structure will become part of the deal at no additional cost….. other than an earnest promise to honor the contributions of those that came before you; to make contributions of your own during your Stewardship and, eventually, to pass the land along to, yet again, a younger generation of Stewards in which you have gained confidence.

If interested, please tell us about your family and whatever additional details you feel would be relevant. We will respond in kind.

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