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Started by Mike Sato
Nov 6, 2021
The loudest jets in the quietest park: How Growlers invaded the Olympics
Nov 6, 2021
It’s good to take a rational look at how we came to have an electronic warfare training range for the loudest jets on the planet over the quietest national park in the lower 48, writes Karen Sullivan, a Community Voices commentator.
Boeing EA-18G Growler on approach at Naval Outlying Field Coupeville during FCLP touch-and-go carrier landing practice (Joe A Kunzler, JPG, CC BY-SA 3.0).
Comment by Mark Herrenkohl
Nov 9, 2021
The article is spot-on and shows how the military can make decisions detrimental to our way of life and environment. Speaking of which, we bought our property on Lopez back in 2009, well aware of Whidbey NAS activities, and at the time Prowler flights and noise. We rarely heard the A-6 Prowlers on the north side of the island but accepted that the military was here first, whether we liked it or not. The impact of Whidbey NAS seemed marginal at the time.

However, the military retired the Prowlers for the much noisy Growlers, expanding the use of these attack airplanes throughout the region with much larger use of airspace, regularly impacting most in the islands and beyond with low frequency noise and low flyovers.

The change to the Growler aircraft has impacted all of us on the island, well accept those that "Love Jet Noise". The military changed the aircraft after we were here with little or no oversight or environmental review. Of course we don't like the additional noise, all of which changed after we built our home and lived here full-time. How is this fair?

The military is going to do what it does but our senators and congressman could have stepped in and stopped this from happening. Instead, they supported the military....why?.....money!

I regularly document flyovers on the County website and hope others are doing the same. The continued pressure by citizens and changes in government may eventually make a difference.