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Bruce Richardson Sculptor
Jan 5, 2024
Sculpture is my passion, wood in the winter, stone in the summer
The granite creatures that Bruce Richardson sees in glacial erratic boulders from Lopez Island are carved outside during the summer months at his studio tucked in the woods. During winters, he steps through the carved portal to the inviting workshop and focuses on wood carvings.

Some of his pieces already serve as welcomed public art in Lopez Village, and as the annual Artists Studio Tour proved, buyers come to Lopez expressly with the intent to purchase one of his stone pieces for their homes. He has done a big,3 ton, seal that is destined to bring smiles at the Lopez Community Pool.

"My first memories of Lopez are from the early 50’s when my family camped at the south end and I discovered huge ice cream cones at the Richardson store. Couldn't believe there was a town named after me! Wood carving with Gregg Blomberg for the past 25 years made a big difference in my ability and the tools I use, plus Tamara Buchanan has been a long time friend and stone sculpture mentor. Thanks guys. In 2010 we moved to Lopez permanently and are overwhelmed by the creativity and caring of the island community that we love being a part of.