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Georgi Ann Coquereau
Wedding, Concert and events photographer, Illustrator, Photo essayist, author, instructor, and international installation artist.
During my Master's degree course of study at Disney’s California Institute of the Arts, I studied with mentors John Baldessari, Fine Arts/painting, and John Bache, Photography, both renowned internationally active artists. There I learned the rigors of the art world, and professionalism, as a semester end review could last anywhere from a four to nine hours long grueling critique.

My work stems from the matrix of a given environmental circumstance that envelop our daily lives. It is what influences my work stemmed by many travels as a youth and onward. I approach each circumstance in its originality, and capture the essence without dictating, but using my skills to execute the fundamental substance of one’s performance, artistry, story, naturally, utilizing elements of lighting, composition, personification, particularly in one's story, as tools.