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252 Kjargaard Rd
Lopez Island
Stonecrest Farm & Graziers
We holistically and humanely manage our livestock to regenerate the land and produce a delicious and nutritious product for you and your family.
Our focus is on harvesting solar energy through grazing to promote healthy soil, healthy grass, healthy animals, and healthy people. We utilize holistic management to produce high quality beef and lamb while regenerating the land and supporting an excellent quality of life for our family. Our cattle and sheep are integral tools in our land management strategies as we farm on this island and bring a piece of Lopez agricultural history back into production.

We sell our 100% grassfed beef and lamb, as well as heritage breed pastured pork, plus occasional eggs, flowers, and organic produce at the Lopez Farmers Market, the Little Winter Market, the San Juan Islands Food Hub, and at our self-serve Barn Stand. We welcome you to drive, ride your bike, or walk down the farm driveway to the Barn Stand, located in the right front bay of the historic Stonecrest barn. (You will see a blue Barn Stand parking sign in front). We accept cash, checks, and Venmo as payments at this time and are open every day from dawn until dusk. Please keep in mind that this is a working farm with dogs, cats, chickens, and children, in addition to our livestock herds and flocks. Please drive slowly and keep an eye out for critters of all sizes, thank you.

We truly believe in “know your farmers, know your food” and encourage you to participate in our vibrant local food system. Eat well and be swell!