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Friends of Lopez Hill
Oct 30, 2014
The mission of the Friends of Lopez Hill is to protect the 400 acres on Lopez Island known as Lopez Hill, and to preserve and keep it in the public ownership and use for present and future generations.
The Friends of Lopez Hill envision a future in which:

Lopez Hill remains in public ownership;

All current legal recreational users can continue to access the land;

A designated road, adequate parking, and low-impact amenities are provided to support that access;

Future planning favors environmental preservation over demands for increased human use;

Public use will not severely damage or impact those pristine qualities that make the Hill a valuable preserve for its ecological community and a sanctuary for its human visitors.

In working with the San Juan County Council, the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, the San Juan County Land Bank, BLM, Lopez School, and other agencies and user groups, The Friends of Lopez Hill seek to:

Educate the public about the ecology, history, uses, and assets of Lopez Hill.

Foster a management plan which will maintain the present character of Lopez Hill by providing low-impact public access, preserving its natural resources, and encouraging sustainable, non-motorized recreation.

Protect the environmental integrity of Lopez Hill by sponsoring baseline ecological studies, developing an invasive species strategy, and identifying sensitive areas for protection.

Encourage public participation in the management and stewardship of Lopez Hill.