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New Vaccine Registration Window

Those who are eligible and wishing to register for an appointment should go to this link at 9AM on Monday March 15th:


There will be links clearly marked for each clinic. At this time, Phase 1a and Phase 1b Tier 1 are eligible for vaccination (Phase 1b Tier 2 will be opening up later this coming week).

The links will be shown in the “STEP 2” section, highlighted in orange.

More details on timing of clinics will be available on Monday at 9am.

In addition to the healthcare workers eligible in Phase 1a. Phase 1b Tier 1 includes:

-All people 65 years and older
-People 50 years and older in multi-generational households
-Workers in childcare settings
-Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade educators and staff

Full eligibility details are available in the attached summary document.

Note that there will be both Johnson and Johnson (J&J) and Moderna vaccine available. You will be able to choose when you sign up, but please review this Hot Topic for more info (posted on LopezRocks News and View on March 7). Doses are limited, so please- if you can get an appointment, take it- regardless of the type of vaccine. The County is not expecting more Johnson & Johnson vaccine anytime soon.

Please note that that the registration system has been upgraded. You will now choose a slot at the beginning of registration and then be given 15 minutes to complete your registration. If there are no appointments left, it will be clearly shown at the beginning of the process. Hopefully this will help to address some of the challenges of earlier registration windows.

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