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KLOI-Hear It Here: June update from WHO

Hear It Here Thursdays 11AM
6/1/22 Global Health Update from WHO

Update on Global Health Situations. Q & A from the media press occurs. Topics include: Covid; Monkey Pox; global Tobacco Use; Emigration due to climate issues; Nonsafe Drinking Water, Ebola, Update on Ukraine and related information.

This is a World Health Organization Pressor. For more information go to WHO.int.

Filler for remaining minutes includes music from freepd.com from composers Rafael Krux and Alexander Nakarada. “Brothers Unite”, “Lovely Piano”, and “Adventure”.

Thanks for listening. You can also listen by internet streaming the shows from kloi.org or getting the app from kloi.org for your phone. � https://player.streamguys.com/kloi/sgplayer/player.php

If you want to request a topic for future production, send to brenaster@aol.com.

KLOI loves you. Take care of yourself and those you love.

For past shows, check out:

SubjectKLOI-Hear It Here: June update from WHO
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