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Sep 22, 2019School System: What is in the best interests of our school and our children? (By Kimberly Vora on Sep 21, 2019) - 1 comment
Electrical and Communication Services: Sign the Petition to OPALCO (By Julienne Battalia on Sep 19, 2019) - 2 comments
Sep 21, 2019Health Services: Air Ambulances discussion (By Kathryn Tucker on Sep 20, 2019) - 2 comments
Sep 17, 2019Library Services: Lopez Library Personnel Issue (By Robert Buchholz)
Aug 20, 2019Environment and Preservation: UPDATE on the Orca Whale Initiative (*Removed by user*)
Jul 31, 2019Elections and Referendums: Letter Supporting Liz Lovelett (By Lovel Pratt)
Jul 30, 2019Environment and Preservation: Green Burial on Lopez (By Felicity Green)
Jul 23, 2019Elections and Referendums: Help support Jay inslee (By Felicity Green on Jul 19, 2019) - 2 comments
Jul 12, 2019Elections and Referendums: Jay Insley needs our Help Climate Change is the Most important issue (By Steven Hall) - 1 comment
Jul 11, 2019Other: USPS drop box on the Southend (By Scott Honeywell)
Jul 9, 2019Environment and Preservation: No Butts Out the Window! (By Karen Allen)
Jul 6, 2019Transportation Services: Preferential Loading Orders (By Hazel Burns on Jul 5, 2019) - 4 comments
Jul 4, 2019Other: Happy Interdependence! (By Chuenchom Greacen)
Jun 17, 2019Environment and Preservation: Mr Bentitou applies for 2 marijuana licenses on his 2.3 acre critical shoreline (By Moira McDonough on Mar 28, 2019) - 14 comments
Jun 2, 2019Other: Memorial Day 2019 (By Dan Post on May 24, 2019) - 9 comments
Environment and Preservation: WSF: Electrify the San Juan Ferry Routes FIRST (By Suzanne Olson on Jan 12, 2019) - 7 comments
May 14, 2019Other: Need advice on local phone service (By Jackie Wolf on Apr 30, 2019) - 9 comments
May 13, 2019Other: Ferry INfo? (By Linda Hudson) - 1 comment