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Development, Planning and PermitsLopez Village development (By Patricia Goodfellow)
Economy and Finances$1,000 for Sophomores and Juniors (By Suzanne Olson)
Elections and ReferendumsRick Larsen's Conflict in Resolving Impacts of Navy Growlers (By Michael Karp)
Lopez Island Election Results (By The Webmaster)
Port of Lopez Commissioner Election (By Paul Henriksen on Oct 2, 2017) - 4 comments
Campaign signs (By Don Burt, Jr on Oct 21, 2017) - 8 comments
Port Election (By Larry Bailey on Oct 25, 2017) - 3 comments
Please Vote (By Paul Henriksen)
Why I'm Supporting Paul Henriksen for Port (By Shel Haber)
VOTE Don and Chris for School Board (By Della McCullough)
Vote Don Burt Jr for school board (By Don Burt, Jr)
All my candidate signs stolen (By Chris Greacen) - 2 comments
I'd like to ask for your vote for school board. (By Chris Greacen)
Don Burt Jr for school board (By Don Burt, Jr on Oct 17, 2017) - 1 comment
School board election & voters forum (By Chris Greacen)
Chris Grecean for School Board (By Sandy Bishop on Sep 20, 2017) - 1 comment
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