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Ferry Alert March 16, 2019
Staging Issues
If you are staging a vehicle for the next ferry, please do not linger in the lanes waiting for the boat to leave. Stay in the upper lot. Come down into the lower lot. but please DO NOT be in or near the loading lanes while the boat is loading. it's too confusing and someone could miss their intended sailing.

We are now in the busy season; please drop off visitors *promptly* in the lower lot or the upper lot and if picking up visitors, arrive 2-3 minutes *after* your sailing to pick up. If you are returning guests to cars, make sure you do it 30 min *before* the targeted sailing. Thank you!
Ticket Exchange
Schedules and Fares
Quotas from Lopez Island
June 23 through September 28
Time Note Cars
6:20amLimited vehicle load12
2:40pmSunday ONLY66
4:15pmBikes/walk-ons ONLY mon-friNA
7:35pmNot Tue/Wed141
11:20pmLimited vehicle load16
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