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T mobile (Technology)
Lopez Island
June 18, 2017
Posted by Charlotte Cassaday, Lopez Island

Is T-mobile the best cell coverage on Lopez? Would appreciate suggestions. I have Verizon and it is not good.



John Waugh: T mobile

T-mobile is very good now because there are a number of antennas, some on power poles, due to agreements with OPALCO. If one is switching providers, I suggest Google's Project Fi. For $30/mo you get 1gb data (unlimited text & voice) and they refund.... Read all
Sasha Crow: T mobile

I moved (back) to Lopez in Dec and I went through exploring options for cell service then. Nearly everyone recommended Tmobile but that depends on where you live.

I am less than a half mile from a tower (south end / Mackaye Harbor) but my signal.... Read all
Albert Berger: T mobile

Yup, T Mobile has gotten much much better, my cell phone is using T-mobile via a 3rd party provider called Ting and I have been able to get data, text and telephone service pretty much all over Lopez where I have gone....I think part of what has happened.... Read all
Rob Thesman: T mobile coverage

T-mobile added a number of cell sites on Lopez Island in 2016 and they have the best coverage of any of the providers. I switched from Verizon to T-mobile about 12 months ago because of the limited coverage on Lopez. Having had T-mobile service for about.... Read all
Sharon Tauber: T mobile

I had T mobile here about 6 years ago and it was terrible...worse than I am now experiencing with Verizon. Perhaps T mobile has improved....I am actually wondering about Sprint as an alternative...