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Started by Jacques Tate
Oct 26, 2020
Rick Hughes...
Oct 26, 2020
...is a guy I know.Our kids go to school together. We do volunteer activities for school events, shoulder to shoulder. He's running for re-election and I voted for him.

Every election gives folks a chance to roll the dice. When there's a scoundrel, we get to rid ourselves of them.Then begins the task of starting at zero, again.

It's tempting to throw everyone out each time, because they don't tow our particular line. Then you spend time getting back up to speed.I believe that it behooves progress to encourage good leaders these days, with the possible alternatives starting with our national dumpster fire. If the gal or guy that's already there, currently learning on the job, is hard-working and willing to listen and grow, keep 'em.

As a great person once said, "Even when you're sure you're right, be prepared to compromise," I've watched Rick Hughes listen, consider and grow to understand more.He responds to the situation, in the moment. It'd be good to keep him on the job.

Jacques Tate