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Lopez visitor needs quiet space to do 2 hr Zoom call 08 15 20 (From Individuals)
San Juan Islands
August 5, 2020
Posted by Helen Boyer, Off-Island
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Hi--I was referred by the owner of Lopez Farm Cottages to this service. My family will be visiting Lopez Aug 12-15. I am a social worker, scheduled to lead a Zoom meeting on Saturday, August 15, between 1030 AM-noon. The meeting is a support group for caregivers of Alzheimer's patients. Confidentiality and no (or minimal) distractions, interruptions, or background noise are important for the participants to be comfortable in the meeting.
I am seeking a quiet, enclosed space with reliable internet and Wifi access from which I could conduct the meeting. I will have a tablet that I could connect to Wifi. I would like to be able to start setting up at about 10 AM, to be sure I can open the meeting on time. I am willing to pay a reasonable rental fee for the two hours between 10 AM-12 noon.
If you could recommend a place that may offer such a service I would appreciate hearing of that. I could hop on the ferry early that morning (we are leaving that day anyway) and do this from Anacortes, Friday Harbor, or another location.
Thank you for your consideration of this inquiry.

Best regards,
Helen Boyer