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Lopez Thrift Shop Donations Guide (From Organizations)
Lopez Island
December 3, 2019
Posted by Lopez Thrift Shop, Lopez Island

‚ÄčThe Dilemma with Donations

We are thrilled with most of your donations, but unfortunately sometimes they are completely unusable. Basically, if they have been stored in a damp location picking up mold and mildew, if they are torn or stained, then they won't sell at the Thrift Shop.

Lopez Island Thrift Shop accepts only those items that can be easily sold. They must be in acceptable, usable condition: No dirty, broken, stained, worn out, or wet items.

Most of what is donated goes to good use. However, the unusable and unsaleable items cost the Thrift Shop dearly for disposal. Money that is better spent on grants to organizations benefitting our island community. At one point, the thrift shop estimated that over 60% of the donations received were neither saleable nor acceptable by other donation centers. We count on the cooperation of our donors to greatly reduce this waste and the costs associated with it.

We thank you for your saleable donations and support.