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Amazing Dressage Horse (Animals, Pets)
Lopez Island
August 15, 2019
Posted by Jessica Daniels, Lopez Island

Hello Horse friends!
Jess here posting on behalf of my amazing aunt who is a professional dressage trainer in san diego ca. As many of you know I love to be in the kitchen, but my free time is spent with horses. If you want a horse that is fully trained, even tempered, and an all around showman, this is your horse Finn. I wish I could take this horse myself, but I don’t have land. He is incredibly sweet. He is trained through 3rd level and will go in a double bridle. His breeding is top of the line for Dressage Performance Horses.

I am offering him a very discounted rate because he has a couple maintenance requirements. He has a bone chip right front by the suspensory which is easily managed. He is also, blind in his left eye. He has not been over-trained or overworked which means he still has a lot to offer.

For more details/video, here is the link!