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WSF Youth Ride Free Policy Starts Oct. 1
Sep 29, 2022
By Washington State Ferries
Starting Saturday, Oct. 1, youth passengers 18 and under will ride WSF ferries for free.
This applies only to youth riding as a passenger in a vehicle and those walking on. It does not include teenagers behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Drivers under 19 years old will continue to pay the adult vehicle and driver fare.

Due to this change, youth tickets will no longer be available at self-serve kiosks or the online web store. Youth walking onto a ferry will still need a ticket or a valid ORCA card to board at terminals where one is currently needed. Terminal employees at the ticket booth can issue the free-fare youth tickets, which will be valid for two hours.

Folks traveling in a vehicle with youth between 6-18 will need to stop at a tollbooth to be accounted for and processed by WSF staff.