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Posted by Trevor Snodgrass
Lopez Island
Jul 7, 2024
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UW Graduate Student Seeks Seattle Housing
Jul 7, 2024

My name is Trevor. I am reaching out to the community in search of housing opportunities in Seattle. This Fall I will begin a three-year graduate architecture program at UW. To support my school endeavor, I’m hoping for a simple yet comfortable housing solution. Within my price range I’ve found many big-box apartments and rooms, but I can’t help but hold out hope for something with a little more heart. Do you or someone you know have a room, basement apartment, or backyard studio available for rent this Fall?

A short biography:

I’ve developed many life-long friendships on Lopez, where I’ve lived and worked off and on since 2016. On my first trip to the island, I helped my friend dig a pit and construct an outhouse on his family’s property. A few times a year I would make visits to Lopez, each time reveling in the ocean plunges, and campouts. It was during these years that I developed an appreciation for architecture. Thanks, in no small part to the handcrafted, bespoke homes of Lopez Island, I found my way to my current path.

In 2020, I returned to the island, to become a full-time resident. The pandemic changed the game, so I took a hiatus from my career as a biologist to learn how to build. I found work with a local contractor, rented a small cabin, and settled into life on the islands. In 2024, my Lopez Island outhouse count is up to three, and I’m still enjoying building and learning architecture. At the University of Washington, I hope to bring depth to my understanding of PNW architecture, housing, and sustainability.

As with many graduate programs, I will be expected to spend long hours on campus, as opposed to a study-from-home arrangement. My ideal home will be a simple, and peaceful retreat within biking distance of the campus. I’m open to all ideas, and I would welcome ideas or your thoughts about how to make it all work in the city. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Trevor Snodgrass