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Posted by Daniel Alexander
Lopez Island
Jan 23, 2023
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Spreading the word for world peace
Jan 23, 2023
Hello fellow islanders.

I’m restarting a project I began a few years ago and looking for volunteers. It involves taking steps towards world peace. Sure, that’s a big bite to try and take. But why not? What are the other options?

I’m looking for volunteers to help in this project. Here is what I would need. If these line up with what you also value then please consider volunteering.

- I’ll need from 5 to 30 minutes of your time.
- I’d prefer to meet face to face. I’m open to other options.
- I’ll want you to answer this question from your heart of hearts: “What two important things to you, if shared with the world in a way that has it see them as you see them, would help the world find and maintain peace?”
- You’ll need to be ok with me writing out our interaction to my blog. I do not take pictures of you or refer to you in any way that identifies who you are unless you want that. I think it adds a level of realism and I value personal identity protection.
- I’ll want you to refer two people to call me and add to this project. They don’t have to call me. I’d only want you to refer them to me if:
- You appreciated your experience sharing your two important things
- You see the value of this project being spread out further.

You can read about what I’ve begun here:

You can reach me at:
IG: @twoimportantthingsofficial
Note: I haven’t used IG like at all so there is no real footprint there for 2iT

Namaste and all that good stuff