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Started by Jan Scilipoti
Oct 21, 2021
Survey Results: How are Lopez Businesses Doing?
Oct 21, 2021
This survey explored the swirling speculation about how Lopez businesses are doing. My personal favorite question, although not part of the survey, is: When will we have more than one restaurant for eat-in dining?

None of the opinions expressed in the survey are my own, as I did not take the survey. It was sent to all businesses on the Chamber of Commerce email list. The results compile the opinions of the 20 Lopez business owners who chose to participate.

One small informal survey can’t possibly answer the prime question of how our Lopez businesses are doing, but the answers beautifully express the full range of factors that have affected our island since the pandemic started.

Attached is a summary of the responses, as well as a link to the actual questions and results.
Lopez Business Survey RESULTS 9-26-21
Comment by James Rapson
Oct 24, 2021
Thanks for publishing the results here, Jan - interesting info!
Comment by Jan Scilipoti
Oct 24, 2021
Hi Justin,
Well... first thing is, I meant to say dining out for dinner. And you just doubled my options!

All my years here (as a north ender), and I've never eaten at the Southend Cafe. I just looked up their site: open for limited dining in, their hours are

Thursday- Saturday 5:00pm-7:30pm

Sunday 11:00am-1:00pm

I enjoyed Setsunai's Sunday brunch tasting menu this summer. So good!

From now to January, Setsunai's hours are
Thursday - Saturday

9am -10am

11am - 4pm

Thanks for the heads-up. Will head to the south end for dinner : )
Comment by Justin Hagge
Oct 24, 2021
Thanks for putting this together!

Answering your dine in question...Both Setsunai and Southend Cafe are dine in options and are open year round.