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KLOI- Global Needs
Nov 24, 2022
11:00 - 11:59am
102.9 FM; Internet streaming; Iphone app
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Global Needs: Report from 11/2/2022

From the World Health Organization, WHO, we have a global report on various topics: Regions in conflict and humanitarian needs; Supplies being weaponized; United Nations Climate Change Conference; How does Climate change affect health; Pathogen releases; Famine affecting changes in ways of life; Unprecedented Drought; Monstrous monsoons related to livestock; Acidic ocean changes and moe. Subvarients of Omicron outlined and what it means regarding vaccines. Tracking seems to have slowed due to countries opening up. Climate induced community shocks are explained to include issues not directly observed by giving factoid information.

For more information go to WHO.int

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