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KLOI- Gary Alexander - Classic Jazz
Aug 8, 2022
3:00 - 6:00pm
KLOI LP - 102.9
Joy Spring w/Gary Alexander

Classic Jazz and the Great American Songbook.

The opening hour features a potpourri of uplifting song titles for these often depressing times, like “Pick Yourself Up,” “New Sun in the Sky” and “Look for the Silver Lining,” (written in times of Depressions and pandemics), followed by a tribute to Tony Bennett’s 96th birthday last week. The 4:00 hour features two birthday composers of oddball songs, Richard Adler and David Raksin, followed by a unique tribute to Louis Armstrong’s birthday (August 4, 1901) - we’ll focus our microscope on a week when he recorded most of four albums in seven days, all while appearing at the Hollywood Bowl most nights, 65 years ago, August 13-19, 1957, at age 56. The final hour includes a tribute to 10 birthday artists, comprising a full band of four horn players, four rhythm players, and two singers. The final 20 minutes feature seven timeless songs written by Victor Young, born August 8, 1899.

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