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Pathways: Russell Barsh: What Makes A Better Future?
Apr 18, 2021
8:00 - 9:00pm
KLOI-LP 102.9 FM
Pathways Sundays 8PM
Russel Barsh, Ph.D.: What Makes a Better Future?

Russel Barsh lives on Lopez and is the Director of the nonprofit laboratory Kwiaht. Kwiaht means “a clean place” in the Native language of the Central Sound Sea. This organization can be found at http://www.kwiaht.org on the internet. It is also available on facebook, on twitter, and on instagram.

Russel went to Harvard and studied with Stephen Jay Gould. After teaching at the University of Washington, he worked for many years at the United Nations on the topic of Indigenous Peoples and their ecosystems. He also taught at New York University and Dartmouth. With a background in human ecology, Russel is interested in the cultural and economic factors impacting the environment. He is also interested in the role of schools in helping future generations understand how humans can support the environments in which they live.

As an author, he has written the book, The Road: Indian Tribes and Political Liberty, and more than a hundred articles on indigenous peoples, history, ecology, and law, many of which are available online: for example, Tepi’Ketuek Mi’kmaw Archives found at mikmawarchives.ca/authors/russel-barsh

Russel is passionate in his quest to educate and facilitate better communication and support for Indigenous Peoples’ participation in the larger picture of all children’s futures with world countries/governments. He gives examples of what he as learned from the leaders of the Indigenous Peoples and their methods to secure a healthier environment. He includes the topic of how violence and silence have directed the development of many present day aspects of our culture. Russel shares many of his interesting life experiences and how he chose his battles. Many people, in his 70 plus years, have influenced his path. These people, past and present, challenge him to promote the rights and perspectives that offer the greater opportunities for the future survival of Earth and of people.

What makes a better future? According to Russel's long time friend, Trish Monture, a Mohawk professor, a better future would come about by "living nicely with nature". It is a pleasure to share this hour with you and to share how Russell has found many global communities practicing "living nicely with nature". It has formulated his life's path in education, research, and practices.

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