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Started by Todd Twigg
Sep 18, 2022
Honor the Farmers Market Trees - Give Back The Parking Grant
Sep 18, 2022
Silent Vigil for the doomed Farmers Market Trees
Sep 19, 2022
11:00am - 12:00pm
Farmer's Market / Sally's Garden, public ROW, etc
Please join us to honor the Lopez Farmers Market and Sally's Garden trees planted by children over 20 years ago that are scheduled for demolition in less than two weeks for a poorly conceived and promulgated parking grant received by the SJC Environmental Stewardship Department.

Give back the parking grant!
Honor the trees and our children.

All ages welcome.

Listen and learn what might unfold and how it came to be.

honorthetrees@gmail.com for more information
Comment by Linda Hudson
Sep 20, 2022
Where can we read about this?