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Started by Julia Rust
Apr 11, 2022
Ferry Quotas
Apr 11, 2022
Would other islanders find it helpful to have some idea of our allotment for the ferries? It is understandable that the quotas are not written in stone - but at least give us a hint. Does the boat take 20 or 60 cars? It is wonderful to have a Lopez only boat - but the 1:35 in the afternoon is not always the best fit for our needs.
Grateful to personally have the option of going off island the night before - sadly many locals do not have that option.
Comment by Skip Clark
Apr 11, 2022
Here are the current approximate car spaces to Anacortes on the spring schedule. These will change with vessel changes.
6:30 45-55
7:30 15-20
9:30 20-25
10:40 20-30
1:35 130-140
3:05 Sunday only 30-40
5:00 25-30
7:10 20-30
8:25 40-50
We have these posted at the ferry landing
Shelley Clark