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Started by Madrona Murphy
Jan 30, 2022
The best and safest “supplement” to support natural immunity is vaccination
Jan 30, 2022
The beauty and grace of vaccination is that it lets your immune system build natural immunity without risking serious illness, post-viral syndromes, and death. Our immune system learns from experience to recognize proteins specific to bacterial cells or particles of virus that can infect us; vaccines introduce these proteins without a viable pathogen, so that you acquire immunity without being infected, getting sick, spreading disease, and potentially dying. Many vaccines also use adjuvants (including natural plant derived saponins) to alert your body to the administration of the vaccine; these adjuvants are safe and used in small amounts to increase your immune response. The antibodies that fight off disease are produced naturally by your body using what it learns from the vaccine. Because there is no viable pathogen in a vaccination, it avoids having diseases use your body as a host for their own replication and you don’t risk giving deadly diseases to your family and community in order to acquire immunity.

This is one of the most respectful ways that medicine interacts with the human body: the immune system does the work, vaccines just provides it with information. And it is quite different from antiviral treatments, which are an artificial attempt to substitute for our natural immune response. Vaccines are affordable; costing far less to produce and administer than treatment for the diseases they prevent. And antivirals and antibiotics can be toxic and cause lasting harm to the environment when overused; getting vaccinated to avoid preventable diseases reduces our environmental impact by reducing the need to use additional medications.

Respect your body, respect your community, respect the environment: get vaccinated.
Comment by Kenneth Ferrugiaro
Feb 10, 2022
With respect to my community, I want to share this video, that's from a medical perspective, on vaccine hesitancy. I feel that it may help heal some of the divisiveness within our commun ... Read All
Comment by Stephen Adams
Feb 6, 2022
Beautifully stated! Thank you.
Comment by John Waugh
Jan 30, 2022
An excellent explanation Madrona. Hopefully a few skeptics will do further research on their own. The immune system truly is one of the greatest feats of nature, without which the human race would have died out long ago. It is our body's line in the sand. Like the Maginot Line of WWII, the immune system can be circumvented at times, and vaccines can, as ... Read All
Comment by James Rapson
Jan 30, 2022
"This is one of the most respectful ways that medicine interacts with the human body: the immune system does the work, vaccines just provides it with information."

This is really well put, about as succinct as I've seen. Thanks Madrona.