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Whidbey Island Seafood Co.
Whidbey Island Seafood Company provides high-quality traceable seafood, harvested by sustainable local fisheries, to consumers that demand great products. By sourcing seafood from small to mid-size fisheries, we have more control over how the catch is processed, flash-frozen, and ultimately delivered to our customer's doorstep.
Sustainable Fisheries:
Whidbey Island Seafood Company sources seafood products from fisheries that use up-to-date sustainable and traceable methods to ensure quality.

Always Frozen:
All of our seafood products are flash-frozen aboard vs packed in ice, ensuring our customers that they are purchasing the safest and highest-quality seafood available.

We have the highest regard for our seafood products and care that you do too. If you are not 100% satisfied with your delivery, we will replace or refund any item within 30 days.