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Studio space in barn/garage for 2 weeks starting 7/5-7/17 (Wanted: Storage/Work Space)
Lopez Island
June 27, 2020
Posted by Amanda Houston, Lopez Island

I am an internationally collected artist with a part-time residence on the south end but do not have studio space on my summer residence to do my current commission work. I am looking for a protected garage wall, barn or studio space for weekly rental(Jul 4-18)(and perhaps other weeks), that would have a 14 ft. vacant wall to use with reasonable natural light. I would provide all tarps,etc. to keep my space neat and orderly. I am a representational impressionistic painter and am not a "Fling-the-paint" messy artist. Please check out me and my work: amandahouston.com or visit my social feeds on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube channel by using this name: amandahoustonart for all accounts. I live on a 38 acre farm in Oregon and would love to spend a few weeks this summer at my summer residence, to escape COVID, but can't abandon my work and deadlines. Please reach me directly at amandahouston@me.com or 503-310-8099