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Interested in Snorkeling and Free Diving (From Individuals)
Lopez Island
May 14, 2019
Posted by Brian Goff, Lopez Island

We are in love with being underwater and exploring the rocky reefs and pinnacles, near shore on Lopez. Sometimes we walk in from a beach and sometimes we kayak, I call that Kayakeling.

Thinking about a more formal Snorkel Club, yet I want to test the waters, pun intended, to see who might like to join us for underwater adventures?

You need all your own gear. And kids must be supervised, in the water, by the adults with whom they come.

Email me and I will create a list of folks and announce dates, times and places for future swims.

We have some great mid day low tides coming up. Night dives are a blast too, so many eyes looking back at you.

Hope to see you under water soon,