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Seeking babysitter for my greyhound (Animals, Pets)
Lopez Island
May 13, 2019
Posted by Jules DiPronio, Lopez Island

Hello! My name is Jules and I’m working on Lopez for the summer. I have my dog with me (Mocha) who is a sweet 5 year old retired racing greyhound. She’s having trouble adjusting to our new situation, and can’t tolerate being alone while I’m working. She is absolutely calm, quiet, and low-maintenance when she’s around people, however! Greyhounds by nature are lazy and love nothing more than to sleep quietly all day, and thrive in calm environments. I’m seeking a dog-lover who wouldn’t mind (and ideally enjoy?) having Mocha over during the day for 5-6 hours a day, 4-5 days a week (flexible time of day).

- work from home or are retired and spend the majority of your time at home
- love dogs
- live a quiet, calm lifestyle
- don’t have small dogs or cats (large dogs okay if they are friendly with other dogs!)

- greyhound
- will sleep all day
- doesn’t bark ever
- would love if you let her on your couch (but is just fine on her dog bed)

We walk in the Village every morning, so it would be ideal to find someone near there. I can drop her off and pick her up at times and days that work for your schedule.

Compensation negotiable!

Email jules.dipronio@gmail.com if you are interested. Thanks for reading!!