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Looking for Poets or Songwriters for Valentine's (From Individuals)
Lopez Island
January 10, 2019
Posted by Brenda Asterino, Lopez Island

For radio show: Pathways on KLOI. Do you have a poem or short essay that speaks to love, passion or heroic concern? If I can find enough poets or bards, I would like to have up to ten minutes (shorter is ok) of work read into your smartphone or ipod or with me recording on facebook. Other ways of recording also possible. You may give an intro and/or name of larger work it is in. I recommend it be copyrighted in some manner for your benefit. IT HAS TO BE YOUR ORIGINAL WORK. Please contact me for permission release for the radio at brenaster@aol.com You may send me your work via email in audio format, or I can record via facebook audio or in other ways. If I can get at least six people, it will be on for Valentine's day.